On Friday, May 27th, I took Sneakers to the vet. I use Cascade Pet Hospital here in north Seattle on Aurora Ave. I have been going there for years. They have changed hands many times during that time frame. Several different vets to learn to get to know.

Can you see them in this photos.  Ebony is front and Sneakers is under the coffee table in back.  SneakersEbony16

He needed his claws trimmed. They snag and he can fall when that happens. He had a very bad mat on his left side that he would not let us remove. He was also in need of an Annual Exam and blood draw. We had found some small bumps on his head near his shoulder and those needed to be checked out. I wanted to assess his need for teeth cleaning which requires him being anesthetized and he is 16 years old or in my opinion older.

Getting him into the pet carrier is not too hard. He mewed the whole way. We arrived bit early but I usually do. I never know if I will have trouble getting one of my two cats into the cat carrier.  I would rather take my time. It is not only disrupting to them but as I get older it gets harder for me to do this.  I have been through many pets over the years, so you would think I was used to it but no I have a hard time with it.

They vet examined him and he is good with everything, eyes, ears, heart and other things like glands. He does need his teeth cleaned. They took him into the back and removed the mats.  They clipped his claws which he doesn’t like because they are thick. Drew blood and urine for his senior panel.

He is weighing 15.5 lbs and they would prefer he be 13 lbs. He is eating well, drinking water and no vomiting or diarrhea. For both cats, I told her that there is stool but sometimes a lot of urine. The water drinking is sometimes a lot and sometimes not.

I asked the vet to check his neck area to make sure he didn’t have any other problems before I had his teeth cleaned in a week. He was okay. White Kitty had cancer and they kept cleaning his teeth and didn’t discover it till too late. So I wanted to make sure Sneakers was good.

She examined the small lumps and didn’t find anymore than two. She told me they could remove them the same time Sneakers was getting his teeth cleaned.  Sneakers had a mass on his back that was surgically removed about a six months after we brought him home.  So we want to be careful about any growths.

The assistant gave me a sample package of Renal food (kidney disease) which I tried and she said it was reformulated. It is the Royal Canine brand. She told me that if they didn’t eat it to return it and get my money back.  I was surprised by that.

This prescription food for renal disease (Kidney failure) is very expensive at $2.00 to $2.50 or more per can. I have tried it in the past and failed miserably in getting him and Ebony to eat it.  Ebony also has the beginnings of the renal disease.

We were on our way home in about an hour and he was quiet.  He did not want to come out the cat carrier in the room.  Usually he is not that shy.  He wandered around the house a little hyper and finally settled down.

The cost of all of the above was $295.00. Ouch. It included: Annual Wellness Exam, Nail Trim, Senior Profile (blood), Blood draw interpretation and shaving of mats. They did give me a discount because I am a senior.

They gave me a quote for medical on his teeth cleaning and removal of the lumps on his skin which I am not sure I understand so I will have to review that before I make the appointment.  It is not going to be cheap.  Sigh!

They called Saturday about the blood work and Sneakers is doing well everything is looking good and his kidney levels are stable even with the beginning of kidney disease. So that is good news.

They are eating the prescription Royal Canine crunchy food but they don’t like the moist in the big can.  They do eat the other small can variety.  So that is good news to be able to get the renal food into the diet and back off on the other food.  Some it better then nothing.

I just picked up Ebony and his claws are too long, oh dear!  Here he is sitting on the stool which is a different behavior for him.

A little fuzzy but cute

A little fuzzy but cute