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Lately, I have seen articles online about 5 commons errors people make with litter boxes for their cats.

So I was thinking it might be interesting to see what they have to say.

This is from The Happy Litter Box website:


Basically it is too small a box, smell, the box is covered, and not enough kitty litter in the box.

This is from PETMD website:


In this article it is about using the correct litter, keeping the litter clean, the location of the litter box, not using the right size of litter box, and not enough boxes for multiple cats.

I just Googled “mistakes with the litter box.”  I got lots of hits.

There are a couple of thoughts about this.  First, I have tried various litters and have finally found some that don’t cause the cat the drag it all over the house.  That is very annoying to find a trail of litter.  I do sweep regularly but it is so much better.

I find that Worlds Best the Red bag is best for my cats. When I went to purchase the kitty litter they were out of the Red bag one day so I tried the green and I didn’t like it at all.  I usually buy the big bag using my PetSmart card to get a discount.

SWheatScoop and the Original small bag in blue for the added smell killing and absorption.

Blue’s Naturally Fresh Walnut Based Litter which is really nice. Smells great and is not perfumy.  It is black in color and I add it for smell issues and absorption.

I mix them all up together and make sure I have enough litter in each. You are probably saying why 3 types. Well, I just like mixing them up.  The cats seem fine with it.

I also use a Litter Locker II. I scoop the dirty litter and put it into the top of the Littler Locker and then it is closed off keeping the smell down.  I have a small house.  I could just use a bucket with a plastic bag in it but this Litter Locker II has a filter that has a bag in it and the litter just gets dumped into it.  The website has a video so you can see how it works. I bought this at Entirely Pets online and get the refills at a discount as well.  With the bucket and bag thing some garbage companies require that you double bag the litter.

The other issue was enough litter boxes. I was using two and that was not enough for two big cats so now I have three.  It works so much better.  I think they like to poop in this one large litter box and do the other in the other two.  So I have a regular litter box, one with tall sides, and another that is somewhat in between the other two in size. They are all open and not self cleaning.

I have them in our utility room where it is away from the rest of the house and they have privacy so it works.  Both don’t like to be disturbed when they go in to do their business. Ebony will just leave if you crowd him.  The washer hides two of the boxes.

I don’t remove all litter weekly and bag it replacing with fresh. I just really clean the boxes.  I air the litter by using the scooper to mix it up after I clean it. I add the various types of litter and keep replenishing the litter as it is used up.  I use a kitty litter scooper that is provided by the Litter Locker but I also have one that has a wire mesh to get the little pieces and I use that several times a week to really get the litter cleaned.  About once or twice a month I pull everything and sweep and clean the floor area, shake out the mats I have down to keep the litter that gets kicked out under control.

Well the wire mesh scoop I have has been discontinued.  Too bad.  What you are looking for is a very tight pattern that most scoops don’t have to get the really little pieces of bad litter. Here is a picture of it to help you get the idea of the scoop you need.  Go ahead and use the regular type for the big stuff.  


So this might seem a little over the top and more expensive well, I used to have cats that went outside, through the dog door in the kitchen, to do their business but with the two indoor cats that I know have, I have to really work at keeping the litter under control and smelling good and disposing of it easily. It has been a big adjustment for me.

Good luck on your choices.