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Snakers Adoption Photo

Sneakers Adoption Photo

Wow, I cannot believe it has been 6 years since we adopted Sneakers and Ebony from the Seattle Humane Society.  I was told they were 10 years old then, so this means they are now both sixteen.

I suspect that Sneakers is a little older but I can’t really know for sure.  I think Ebony was added by the past family as a companion for Sneakers.  It is a speculation of mine.

They are very happy now. It was tough going the first year with Ebony having Giardia and being depressed. He was so unhappy in the cage.  We had to adopt them together because they were bonded.  They had been at the Humane Society four months.  I don’t think Ebony would have survived much longer.

Seeking the sun, Sneakers and Ebony

Seeking the sun, Sneakers and Ebony

Sneakers was bolder but still very wary of us.  It has taken awhile for us to get them to trust us and not shy away expecting us to hit them.  Hitting is not our way.

We have had some challenges with Sneakers surgery for the mass on his back and Ebony for the cyst on his neck. They have done so much better with this then I expected. We still have the beginning of kidney disease to work with and I am trying to choose foods there are lower in the phosphorus.  Sneakers is determined to eat the food he likes.  They were very good when I was going through my thyroid cancer treatments and I had to keep them away from me because of the radioactive drug that is used. I made little cubicles for Ebony to hide in at the bottom of bookcases.

Ebony is good now. He is so much improved. He let’s us know when he needs something. Actually Ebony doesn’t meow he squeaks.  He asks for food, catnip and demands to be brushed by my hubby. He will go into his office and squeak “come and play with me.”

Ebony in 2014

Ebony in 2014

Ebony likes to sleep on the bed, on the futon, or the green chair.  He and I have snuggle and catnip sessions on the living room floor.  I can reach down from standing and pet him and he doesn’t run away.  He will never be over his fears totally but he is so much better. I do have to be careful not to crowd him in the kitchen or bedroom or move to quick. I do feed him in the living room because he just doesn’t like to be cornered.  Talking seems to worry him and he runs away, so we have to be careful about that.

Most of all they like to cuddle with each other. If they weren’t so different in color you would not be able to tell which is which when they sleep next to each other. Sneakers is a take care type of kitty and he will go to Ebony if he hears him cry.

Sneakers holds Ebony

O Sneakers holds Ebony

Sneakers likes to cuddle with me on the futon and sit next to me.

Occasionally he goes outside for a few minutes but not as much as he used to.

He likes to ask for his morning treats and is very regular about it.  He sits on the table next to my desk and is very patient. He has taken to nudging me with his paw, tap, tap. He is very gentle, not like Minx who would whack me good. Sneakers likes to lay under the dining room table or on the bed. We have step stools positioned around the house to help him climb up. It is a characteristic of Rag doll cats not to jump. Ebony is the opposite and can jump very well.

Several people have come to our house and they admire Sneakers.  They comment that he is a “beautiful cat.” I have to admit he is very handsome. His beautiful face captured my heart and his perfectly positioned paws are amazing. Sneakers has blue eyes and I have tried to take a photo and get the color but it is difficult. Here is my latest attempt.

Sneakers in 2015

Sneakers in 2015

My hubby brushes them when he comes home from work and in the morning and it is funny to see him simultaneously stroke each cat – stereo brushing. He lies on the living room floor while each cat tries to push out the other vying for attention. This has really helped with Sneakers coat keeping out the mats and with hairballs and even though Ebony is short-haired it has helped him too.  It is also very good for them and they are now more trusting of hubby.

Sneakers outside

Sneakers outside enjoying the sun…

My two little gentlemen cats are doing very well and we are so happy to have them in our lives.