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Over the years since I adopted Ebony and Sneakers, who were raised as indoor cats, I have learned how to repair cat scratch posts and gyms.

They are not cheap depending on what you buy and a cat destroys the carpet on them within a relatively short period of time.  I have averaged six months and that is with two cats.  Ebony is the one that digs in and really uses it.  Sneakers is not so good at it and is having claw issues.  We just took him to the vet to have them trimmed because he was catching on the bedspread and futon cover.

With Ebony ripping them to shreds, I have to recover and fix a gym or scratch post rather frequently.

I purchased a cat gym for about $139.00 and I was not going to replace it at that price. I purchased another  for $99.00 but they just didn’t use it so I gave it to my niece after using it for a Xmas tree one year.

I therefore conducted an online survey to find information about how to repair or fix a cat gym or cat scratch post in 2010 but could not find anyone who had blogged or wrote about it.

So I decided to go and repair it and write about it so others could learn and save money.

Here is a summary list of my posts on this subject matter starting with the oldest one and moving forward to the more recent post. Hopefully you will be able to follow along to see how this whole process has evolved.

Cat Tree

Cat Tree the first design which they liked…

Here are the posts:

Cat Jungle Gym, March 3, 2010

Choosing a Cat Tree? March 27, 2010

To Repair or Not to Repair? July 24, 2010

Step 1 Cat Gym Repair: Buying Rug or Sisal? July 25, 2010

Step 2 Cat Gym Repair: Setting up! August 17, 2010

Step 3 Cat Gym Repair: Taking it Apart! August 22, 2010

Step 4 Cat Gym Repair: Removing Ripped Rug! August 25, 2010

Step 5 Repairing a Cat Gym – Reupholstering September 8, 2010

Step 6 Cat Gym Repair: Reassembling! September 20, 2010

About six months later, I had to fix it again.

Recovering a Cat Gym/Tree…Again! February 13, 2011

Redoing the Cat Gym – The Third Time! June 30, 2011

This was about an article where someone else was repairing one:

Another Cat Tree Fixer Upper! September 15, 2011

Cat Scratching Post! How to? November 3, 2011

Cat Gym Repair – That time Again! Feb 6, 2012

Recovering a Cat Gym….AGAIN!!! Yup! April 2, 2013

In the following posts I switched to another design and gave up on the gym which my hubby and I found to be too complicated to fix and put back together.  It was the very long screws that were hard to re-drill into the post.

This design was homemade and didn’t cost me anything, my sister didn’t want it anymore.  In my post I give the dimensions and the pieces and you can see how it comes together.

The refurbished Cat Scratch Post May 2014

The refurbished Cat Scratch Post May 2014 new design

Cat Scratch Post Refinished, a new take on it, May 31, 2014

Time to fix the Cat Scratch Post, January 31, 2015

To find these posts go to the Search box on the right of this blog and put in the information.  The other option is to use the Archives box which is by date.  You can also go to Categories and select “Cat Gym Repair” which should have them listed.

We add this post and you have a list of the posts I have written about this subject.

Cat Gym and Cat Scratch Post Overview..2/28/2015

I hope these have been helpful and it has saved you cat lovers money.