Well Ebony had done a job to the cat scratch post and it was time to recover it.  This was easy because I had my hubby cut me a second board so I could just remove the used one and replace it with a new upholstered one. Now I can cover one and keep exchanging the pieces which will speed up the process of fixing the post.

It is essential to have some item for your cats to use to keep their claws in shape.  This particular design is home made by some person years ago and it is very simple.  You use a post for the stand up part and then a flat board for the base, cut an angle board and cover with rug.

This is the post where I introduced this style of cat scratch post.

Cat Scratch Post Refinish, a new take on it,” May 2014.  There are more in depth posts on how to refinish one of these on this blog.

Cat Scratch post all worn out.

Ebony is just about to use his Cat Scratch post which is all worn out.

A little closer so you can see the damage.

A little closer so you can see the damage.

Sneakers is checking on the work.

Sneakers is checking the work on the new fix.

All done and fixed for another six months.

All done and fixed for another six months.

This time it took about 45 minutes to fix up. I just repaired the tilted angled section by removing it, recovering it with rug, and then re-installing.  I had to get out my electric staple gun, flat head screwdriver, pliers, hammer and utility knife to do the project and then clean up the debris after.

I have written about recovering these cat gyms and scratch post in the past so you can go and get more detail from other posts by doing a search.  I have a category on the right of this blog about repairing these.  There are 16 posts about repairing a cat gym.