Sneakers and Ebony were introduced to the new year with fireworks courtesy of our neighbors.  Sneakers headed under the bed while Ebony cried wondering where his brother had gone.

I jumped a few times when the fireworks went off.  At least the neighbor didn’t do the really booming fireworks like he has in the past, which rattles the house.  An inspection of our yard may reveal pieces of the celebration…

We had been at a wedding in the Chicago area so we had been gone several days and decided to stay home with the Sneakers and Ebony and have a quiet New Years.  It was quiet except for the noise.

Sneakers and Ebony want to ask you to be kind to the animals in 2015.  It you cannot care for them take them to the Humane society in your area of PAWs or some organization that will care for them. It might take a little effort on your part but then you can have a clear conscience, just don’t abandon them they cannot care for themselves anymore in our society too many dangers.  See my side panel on this blog for ideas.

Go now and hug your pet, whether a dog or cat and you will be rewarded with a waggle and a lick, a rub or a nose to nose greeting.


Sneakers and Ebony  2011

Sneakers and Ebony 2011