Sneakers & Ebony Buddies

Sneakers & Ebony Buddies

Today I reach the 5 year mark with Ebony and Sneakers.  We adopted them in November 2009 and they are still with us today.

They both had their vet visits.  Sneakers on November 6 and Ebony on November 15.  Getting Sneakers to the vet was pretty easy but Ebony was a little more difficult.  I trapped him on the Futon and had to peel him off but got him into the cat carrier a little too early, but having him sit there while we thawed the car out from the frozen state it was in took a little time, so he sat in the carrier about 10 minutes.  Total time for Ebony was about 1.5 hours in the cat carrier, at the vet and home.  So we did good.

Both are doing well.  Sneakers still has kidney issues.  I cannot get him to eat the expensive prescription diet and am just trying to make him happy.  Ebony has an intestinal issue and I am giving him meds for that and hopefully that will get cleared up.

Giving meds to Ebony is not easy, we have considerable trouble holding him and putting them into his mouth so this method is to mix it into the foods.  I have taken the crunches away during the day and only giving them little servings of moist food at a time.  It is slow going because he nibbles his food.  I cover the remaining food and add just a little.  I have to watch him eat his food because Sneakers will eat it and he really should have the meds.  I take the food plate away and cover it to use later.

Ebony likes to get cuddles, petting and brushing from his other human.  Ebony will come up to me and squeak to tell me he wants me to pay attention to him or give him catnip. Ebony is a great flopper and can roll himself down onto the rug so we can petting and rub him. Sneakers is dangerous when you give him catnip, he will swat you, however, likes to cuddle with me when we watch TV together.  He will reach out his paw to get attention.  So both are happy cats and doing well for 15 years old, although I think Sneakers is older.

Oh this is cute, when we corralled Ebony to take him to the vet, Sneakers kept going over to the cat carrier and trying to help Ebony who was yeowling.  He had this puzzled look on his face  and walked around concerned.  He didn’t go hide he kept walking around and going over to the cat carrier.  (I call them brothers even though they really aren’t).

We have been closing down a storage unit so this means we are bringing things home and moving furniture around.  We would go out bring in a load and he would not go into the bedroom, he wanted to see what was happening so every time I returned with a new load he would be sitting right there in the living room watching.  He is so curious. Ebony he went into the bedroom and stayed.

Afterwards, they wandered around sniffing things and rubbing them with their cheeks and curious about what I was up to with rearranging things and putting things away.  It is a good sign when a cat is curious.

My two Gentlemen Kitties are doing well and happy.