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Cat Carrier

Cat Carrier

Sneakers was having some issues, nothing big but it was time to take him in and get his mats addressed.  As usual this is a stressful event.  I had postponed it because I had been traveling in September and October 2014 and very busy with preparing for those trips.

So last week I made the appointment and just made myself do it.  My reluctance was my own based on his dislike of the process.  I am very protective of my creatures but that is not necessarily a good thing.



The date was set for yesterday, Thursday at 10 am.  I brought the cat carrier in from outside to warm it up.  It is plastic and it has known to be very cold.  So it sat on the washing machine overnight.  It was ready, I practiced how to open it so I knew what I needed to do.

About 9:15 am Ebony came into the dining room headed for the kitchen and Sneakers was close behind.  I had hoped he would be in the bedroom sleeping but their morning nap was over and the two cats were milling about.  I had pulled my purse, keys and coat out and was dressed before this so they were not suspicious of me. Sneakers climbed up on his perch next to my desk.  They were trolling for food but I thought it best to wait.  They do have munchies to eat.

I waited a little longer till about 9:30 am and saw that Sneakers was sitting on the living room floor.  So I went into the kitchen and put the cat carrier on the kitchen floor over by the stove hoping he would not see me do this and he was not panicking.  I had closed the bedroom door so he would not be able to get under the bed.  If he had gone under the bed I would have had a real problem.

Once the cat carrier was placed, I put on my coat and headed to him and gently picked him up in a manner to make it easy for me to put him into the cat carrier with the top lid open and slip him into it.  He went in like a charm and didn’t realize what was going on till I closed the top on him.  Then he start YEOWLING.  The hard part was done and it went really well.  He was a gentlemen as usual.

So I then proceeded to load him in the car and it was a challenge because he is 15 lbs. and the cat carrier is awkward with his weight shifting around.  I like to set them into the passenger seat facing the side door to me so they can see me in the driver’s seat.

I took an easy route to the Cascade Pet Hospital and we were soon inside the lobby area.  She had me in the exam room pretty quickly even though I was bit early.  I opened the side door and he came out and explored the floor and the assistant came in and asked me questions about Sneakers and took notes, weighed him and then went to report to the doctor.  The doctor came in a little later and he had to gently pull Sneakers out from under one of the chairs in the room.  So he slid him across the floor and then proceeded to exam him.  Sneakers was sort of cooperative.  He examined him and said he was doing really well for 15 years old.  I said I think he is older.

He took Sneakers into the back to do the work on him.  He was to get his toenails clipped, mats removed especially around his butt area where he had gotten some stuff caught and blood work.

The doctor returned about 15 minutes later and asked if I would be able to give him antibiotics by squirting into his mouth or would a shot be better.  I opted for a shot because it is still hard to treat Sneakers even though he is more cooperative than Ebony.  The Vet was not happy, his front toenails had curved around and grown into his pads.  I felt terrible.

I had delayed taking him to the Vet even though I knew he was making clicking sounds on the floor and not really using the scratch post like he should be.  It was his messy butt area that got me moving to make the appointment and the fact that I don’t like to take them to the vet because they get so unhappy.

Sneakers has longer hair and he can have problems with the hair and bathroom issues.  I can usually handle that but I was traveling so I didn’t realize he was in trouble.

The vet visit was not cheap but I am so happy he is now doing well.  He was following me all around at home and seemed to be walking better and moving better.  So it was a very good thing.

The assistant told me that I could bring him in every 3 months to have his nails clipped.  So I will have to keep an eye on him now and teach him to let me touch his paws so I can check his condition. I will be brushing him more regularly and check under his tail.  Now that I know I can get him to the vet pretty easily I really have no excuses.

Oh yes, we cuddled watching TV last night. It means he has forgiven me.