Socks was a very interesting cat.  He was a stray and my relative has been taking care of him.  She has been putting food out for him and he has been coming regularly to eat.  He has let me get about 5 feet from him. She could do better because it was her home and he knew her.   He stayed outside and she decided to not take him in because she had taken in two other strays years ago and was caring for them. One was a male and he didn’t like Socks at all.  The female tolerated him.

She noticed about a month ago that he was not using one of his back legs.  So she rented a trap for him but he freaked out once when he almost got inside.  He would not have anything to do with it after that.

We decided to remove the trap so she returned it and just wait.  He started coming back for food.

She then bought a dog/cat crate and which was bigger. A friend taught her how to rig a string so that she could close it from a far.  Once the cat was inside she would have to run to lock the door quickly.

She set the crate out and put the food into it to entice him in.  It took several days but she was successful. Once Socks was inside it, she sprayed some prenome to calm him.  He could hurt himself trying to get out.

Socks and awesome cat!

Socks an awesome cat!

My relative took him to the vet and he ended up being very sick with feline leukemia Feline HIV.

He also had a puncture wound.  His leg was not good.  He would have infected other cats with his disease.  He would have died very painfully and badly so maybe it was a good thing the decision to end his life was made. Never and easy decision to make.

So I celebrate Socks.  He was an awesome cat.  He had a very great strut.  He had long legs and could walk the patio swiftly.  I will miss keeping an eye out for him and helping to feed him on occasion.  Goodbye Socks.