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Ebony 2014

Ebony 2014

In the photo above, Ebony is right there below me while I am in my office chair asking to play or for more food. Look at the look, strong, direct…He was helping me practice with my new phonelet (phone and tablet in one).

In the past the cats or dogs that have come into my life, chose me.  So when I went to adopt Sneakers and Ebony at the Seattle Humane Shelter several years ago, I knew that this time I would choose and they would have to go along with that decision.

Sneakers didn’t hesitate, he accepted his two new humans quickly and happily.  It still took awhile to get him not to shy away if I tried to pet him from my full height and he gets uncomfortable when I get on the floor in front of him.  Mostly though he is putting his paw out to get our attention.

Ebony was a different matter.  It took him until now 2014 to finally calm down and not run away from us at a quick second.  He now lets us lean down and pet him without running off.  He still has to control it a little but he is asking for our attention with his little squeak, not just me but my hubby as well.  He even greets hubby at the door when he comes home.   We are so happy that he is finally relaxing and had decided we are okay.  He even licked my bare foot the other day, he just came over before I put my sock on and sniffed and licked it.  He sleeps on the Futon more instead of the bedroom all the time.  He climbs onto the table by the front window and looks out.  He occasionally jumps up on something like a chair rather than always stay on the floor.  He is an awesome cat and has the ability to be even more so and I keep hoping I can unlock that inner kitten…maybe this year??

I have observed that as a cat gets older it changes and usually becomes more confidant, if that is the word to describe it.  So that could also be a part of it for Ebony and Sneakers are now 14 years old.

So if you adopted a cat and it seems that it is just not happening where it is accepting you, just be patient and keep being gentle and loving.  If I have something in my hand, I let Ebony sniff it.  Why that helps I do not know but it seems to calm them. I took to petting Ebony while he was on the Futon when I went to get my slippers. He usually takes off when I approach cuz he knows it is my place to sit.  I also pet him right before I give him his breakfast.  I keep doing little things like that to reassure him it is okay.  Hang in there…!