Sneakers is helping with the laundry

Sneakers helping with the laundry

It is almost a whole month into 2014.  Sneakers is dreaming about Spring.  He goes outside for only a few minutes to sit on the back porch.  I think he is a fair weather cat and even though it is sunny it is chilly out there.  I was weeding in the front yard and left the gate open to the back yard and Sneakers was out but ran back real fast when I caught him.  Oops, I was not being a good human.  The front yard is not safe and he is so naive.

He was whacking his fuzzy ball around last night and scampering around the living room so he is feeling better.  He has had a bit of a cold and was sneezing some. Ebony was even playing a little and ran behind the Futon.

Ebony goes up to his human’s office door and yeowls.  He doesn’t like it closed. So this means a little petting session on the floor.  He tries to get as many of those in before the human bedtime.  He was fussing this morning about 4:20 am so up I got to settle him down.  He is coming out of his shell and getting bolder and bolder.  He has come so far from the scared depressed kitty in the cage at the shelter.  His left eye has been a little wet but he is not sneezing like Sneakers.

Ebony and Sneakers are doing well and enjoying life.