Sneakers at the backdoor

Sneakers at the backdoor

Well, Sneakers vet visit was good, his blood test said that he was doing well and his readings were good, so I am to keep him on the prescription food diet for his kidney problems.

Sneakers and Ebony are not happy about the new prescription food.  I am using Hills K/D canned food and some of the crunchy food.  I also get a couple cans of the Royal Canine for his condition that includes the renal LP canned to give some variety.

Sneakers in still drinking water but not as badly as he was a month or two ago.  I picked him up and he doesn’t seem to be loosing weight so that is good news.  I have had other cats and dogs who have had kidney failure and they drink tons of water. So far so good.

I wanted to see if I could find another kidney diet for cats that did not included Hill’s K/D or Royal Canine Renal LP.  So I Googled and got all kinds of articles about this very problem.

Here is what Hills says about the K/D canned and dry versions: