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Well, it has been very interesting.  I have had to put Sneakers on prescription cat food and it has been a challenge.  Fortunately, Ebony can also eat the prescription food and it is probably good for him.  They were a little too heavy and so they needed to cut back on the food as well.

To get prescription food from PetSmart I had to have the vet write out two prescriptions one for Hill’s Feline K/D and the other for Royal Canine Renal LP.  The prescriptions were faxed to the Banfield Pet Hospital at my local Pet Smart.  They gave me two cards and I have a year before I have to renew the prescriptions.

This means that when I buy the food at PetSmart I have to show the prescription cards to the cashier and she notes it on the purchase.  Unfortunately, they rarely go on sale if ever these types of foods.

I went to Pet Smart to get their prescription foods because they are a little cheaper.  They charge $1.74 per can.  So I went from $.45 or so cost per can to quite a bit more.  The vet is more like twice that so this was necessary.   I just bought 24 cans at 1.74 and it was $41.76.  OUCH!

IMAG0035The Hill’s and Royal Canine have crunchies as well and I was surprised that they would be allowed to eat the dry food?  So I am thinking of moving them to more dry food and less moist.

Sneakers didn’t like the Royal Canine much so I only buy their small cans of the chunky chicken for some variety.  He seemed to like the Hills chicken K/D better.   It is awful gooey.  The RC was a little more firm.

The real challenge is getting them to eat it.  The suggestions online have been to slowly introducing the new moist food by mixing it with the old food something like 25% new food 75% old food, then 50% of both and then 25% old food and 75% new food until you get to totally new food.  This is done over a few days.  Another suggestion was to put the food out for 30-60 minutes and then remove it and schedule feeding times during the day.  Someone suggested Tuna fish water over the food but Ebony is very sensitive to fish so something else like a gravy would be better and I am not yet inspired.

Because Ebony does not really have to eat the prescription food, I have still purchased a little old food and try to give it to him.  Online they suggest isolating the cats and this is just not something I wish to do.

So Sneakers and I are having discussions about the food each day.  MEOW!  For some reason he will eat a bite or two in the kitchen at the pet food station.  However, since I feed Ebony out in the living room (he didn’t like the closed space) Sneakers seems to think his food is different.  So he goes out into the living room and eats Ebony’s food.

We are taking Sneakers to the vet on Saturday June 1, 2013 to see how he is doing.  We had given him the antibiotics that they wanted him to have and then I started him on the prescription food.  He is drinking water but not as badly as before so I do believe the food is helping.