In January, I learned that Litter Locker was no longer going to manufacture one of their models of the Litter Locker.  I bought one about a month or two after adopting Sneakers and Ebony because of the smell and needed to get it under control.  Of course, Ebony had Giardia and that didn’t help.  My house is small so smells travel.

I started with Petmate Litter Locker and learned that it was to be discontinued.  I like going to Entirely Pets and buying the 5 pack they offer but I was worried that would go away.  So I bought a 5 pack right away.

Littler Lock

Littler Lock

So the picture above is the style that I had of the Litter Locker but mine is blue and white.  It is a little difficult to find the actual item on their website.  I would put Litter Locker in the search item then make a choice above the picture of the refill cartridge to Litter Locker Ii or II.  You will see as you keep digging that the Petmate LitterLock Plus is going BYE BYE.  You can get a good price on the discontinued model.  I have not had any problem with it breaking, they are sturdy.  It is looking like they are no longer offering the 5 pk.  They are selling the refill cartridges for $5.99 not $7.99.

So I purchased the Litter Locker II Cat Litter Disposal System and some refill cartridges.

The New Litter Locker sytem

The New Litter Locker system

So since I did this purchase of the old refill cartridges I continued to use that version till I got down to one cartridge left.  Once that happened I switched to the new system.

Each had their difficulties.  The old was tricky to get the plastic bag to spin around the wheel properly but once you got it going it was fine.  The other was emptying it which required taking the whole inside wheel system out and trying to get the bag off.  It was also wasteful because you had to turn the wheel and so you ended up with a very long plastic bag piece.  I liked it because it kept the smell down and contained the dirty litter.

The new system does not have the wheel you just pull out the slider in the front and it dumps the dirty litter into the bag and is less wasteful of the bag.  It is a little hard to determine when you have it filled up however.  I also don’t like the opening piece to get inside and remove the bag, it could be a little stronger.  Once I do get it to open the cutter inside is very quick and I can get the bag out easily just remember to give yourself some room to make a knot to hold the dirty litter in.

The Litter Locker II is a little easier to use and smaller and taller so it takes up less room and I like that.  Most important, it keeps the smell under control.  The cartridges are designed to cover only one cat for one month and Ebony and Sneakers use it up real fast.

Now I am on a quest to find the best price for the Litter Locker II refill cartridges.  I won’t be getting the packs for this.

Meanwhile, I have 3 kitty litter boxes and that seems to work well for my two big male cats.  They can get into them and dig to their heart’s content.