Sneakers and Ebony enjoying the front window

Sneakers and Ebony enjoying the front window

Sneakers is drinking a lot of water, eating not too badly and there is more waste in the kitty litter boxes. He was not vomiting but he was showing signs of lethargy/depression (a change of behavior).  So we took  him to Cascade Pet Hospital (Seattle) on Saturday last and they did a blood test to see what was going on.  The kind vet tried to find a blood test that would not cost too much but get the information he needed.  I usually never get away from the vet for less than $250.00.  Yes, I know, so I try not to go anymore than I need too.

The other doctor called late on the following Monday and Sneakers levels were a little high for his kidneys. Funny because his July 2012 values were fine?  This site, ASPCA, has an interesting article about this disease in cats, but work with your vet on the treatment.


So we could do a very expensive ultrasound or we could give him antibiotics to make sure he didn’t have an infection and then change his diet to a lower protein food.  It will be prescription food so it will not be cheap, but fortunately Ebony can eat it although he is healthy and fine.  They also have it in canned and crunchy food so that is good.  You need to pay attention to the water dish and keep it fresh.  So while we are giving him the medicine I will have to start getting him moved to the new food, that will need to be done slowly.

Yesterday I took away the crunchy food and fed them only moist canned food.  My goal was to get them hungry. This morning I tried mixing the liquid  medicine in his food.  Sneakers wouldn’t eat it. My mistake was to close the kitchen door and that made him worried.  Once I did that I was in trouble. So he sniffed the food and walked away, and then he went outside for a while and to the kitty litter box and stopped for a drink of water.  I was hoping he would come in and try the food but he ignored it.

I left his food out in his usual place hoping he would eat it, sometimes he takes his time.  Well guess who I caught eating it when I returned from cleaning out the kitty litter…Ebony!  He never eats Sneakers food in the kitchen.  AUGGH!

So the first try to give Sneakers his medicine failed completely. Time to get the hubby to help.

I held Sneakers on the plastic tower, while my hubby tried to get the medicine in his mouth.  One ml was going to be a lot, so we were going to have to give him it in two squirts so that he wouldn’t spit it out.  Wear several layers of clothing because he started resisting and struggling and if you know cats like I do they will scratch you if you are not protected. Sneakers is a sweety and has never lashed out at me, but when you restrain them like this it is a whole new ball game.

We now have 13 more times to do this.  Sigh!

Hopefully we have caught this before it gets out of hand.  I have had a dog die of kidney failure and it was not fun.