It has been 3 years since I adopted Ebony and Sneakers from the Seattle Humane Society and I celebrate that I am a lucky person to have these two very sweet and gentle kitties who are now 13 years old in my life.

One of my favorite photos of my two Gentlemen Cats

Awe yes, “the pitter patter of little feet!” Sneakers likes to run around the house and whack a fuzzy ball. He gets on the throw rug by the front door and assumes the attack position. Usually it means he wants to go outside.  He will fly across the dining and living room into the bedroom (think Rocky’s Theme).  Not bad for a 13-year-old cat.

Ebony is not happy with me right now because I tried to sneak flea meds on him one morning so he keeps his distance.  This morning he let me pet him and hug him then he got worried and ran into his cubicle to hide out.  I made this for him awhile back and it is in the bookcase behind the cat gym in the living room.  He really likes it.

Both received great medical check ups a couple of months ago and are healthy.   They had their shots updated like Rabies and more.  This makes me very happy to know they are in excellent health.

A favorite of mine – Sneakers Dreaming of the Front Yard – 2010

October 2012 – Still Curious About the Front Yard

They came into our lives on November 21, 2009 and it took a good six months to get them settled down.

Ebony had Giardia and that took a while to get under control.  Sneakers had to have a lump removed from his back and that is all healed.

I was told it takes a good year for a cat to settle in and that is probably right because each day seems to get easier.  Teaching Ebony to trust us has been a challenge either that or we just haven’t yet learned what his plan is.

Sneakers he works the crowd.  He gets between us on the Futon and wants my attention and then turns to hubby and literally sits on him.  Hubby brushes him and shares his dinner.

I am happy, they are both exhibiting more “CAT” behaviors and learning to just be themselves.

Ebony enjoying the window