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My cousin has two dogs and their names are Bitsy and Rowdy.

Hiding out

There story is another one of those happy endings stories where these two dogs are loved and cared for and had precarious futures at one time.

My cousin had Pomeranians http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomeranian_(dog) till old age came and took them.  She got lonesome for a pet but her allergies had become worse and the pain of the loss was hard to overcome. Over the years she had cats, dogs, reptiles, mice, fish and birds as she writes “You name it I probably can claim it.”   She is also cultivating fish and has several aquariums.

She consider Poodles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poodle but apparently they are expensive to buy.

Her next choice was Chihuahua dogs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chihuahua_(dog)

My cousin put the word out about wanting a small dog, until she learned about Bitsy who needed a home.  Bitsy was 3 month old at the time. She came from a family of Tea cup Chihuahua’s but she must have been a throwback from the larger ones they were bred down from and they could not sell her.  She needed a home. They kept her in a back shed room with a bunch of other Chi’s they used for breeding and selling.  They brought Bitsy out for my cousin to evaluate her and see her and it was instant love.  Bitsy was timid, loving, scared and full of fleas.  There was no way she could refuse.

First thing was to put her into the sink at home and take care of the flea problem. Bitsy loved her bath which was probably a relief.  So it was done.  Bitsy stayed.  She became a lap dog and cared for my cousin when she had a really bad spells and never let my cousin out of her sight.

Time past,  Bitsy was having quiet a life but she was not playing and getting enough exercise.  My cousin’s disability makes getting around difficult.  Soon Bitsy started to get too fat and bossy. So the what was the solution.  Yup…get another dog!

Then along came Rowdy who was offered up sight unseen.  When my cousin saw him for the first time she could see he was not the Chi they said he was but she couldn’t say no.  He was so scared.  He was thin which indicated he was underfed.  It was another case of a dog being mistreated so bad he had a half crippled hind leg.  He was so scared that if you talked to him he cringed down on his belly like you might beat him.  He needed love and care badly.

When I went to visit my cousin last Fall 2011, I saw two very healthy, happy dogs.  I also saw their devotion to my cousin.  In spite of her disabilities, she makes the effort to care for them, seeing they go outside regularly throughout the day, feeding them appropriately, giving them treats, and loving them. The two dogs are devoted to her.

My cousin reports that Rowdy has changed so much.  He is very smart and has learned the routine quickly and even waits to be hooked to the leash to go outside.  Bitsy would take off and go investigating so she has to stay on the leash.  He is the long-legged Chi.  He is looking good now, filling out nice and strong.

Getting Ready to go Out!

The two dogs are inseparable.  Bitsy has changed for the better with Rowdy’s presence, “I sure will never regret taking him in. ”

This blog is about cats, mostly, but when I learn of a person who takes in animals and does what they can to make them healthy and happy, I have to share that story.  My cousin gets a big thank you from me.

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Update March 2014:  Sad news, Rowdy got out and was killed chasing a female dog.  It just takes a split second and they get out and away from you my cousin is just devastated and I am so sad.  I am glad he did have a better life for awhile.