Ebony outside

Sneakers and Ebony have been doing real well and after their visits to the vet, they have a clean bill of health.

A week ago Sneakers was having a ball outside in the back yard.  He was supervising my yard work, checking out the sounds by the fence in several places and keeping and eye out on my hubby and me as we ripped out a plant that had taken over in the back yard.  Ebony enjoyed the breeze from the sliding glass door and even ventured out for about 3 minutes onto the deck. 

So they are doing well and enjoying life and the summer but me, well I am not so good.  I have thyroid cancer and was diagnosed in July 2012.  The prognosis is good and I feel fine but I have this lump in my neck on the left side that is not a good thing.  I have had the biopsy and it was definitely cancer. 

Here is a link to information about this disease:  http://www.thyca.org/

There going to be some challenges. 

First is to have the surgery and remove the thyroid.  It is soon.  Heal from that and then start the other part of the treatment.  I have papillary carcinoma which is the more common version of this type of cancer. 

The next six months will be interesting as I go through other treatments for this cancer.  You would be surprised as to how many people have been affected by thyroid cancer. 

Sneakers will probably take care of me, he is like that with his brother Ebony.  I will keep you informed of my progress and also how it will affect them. 

In getting ready for my surgery, I recovered their pet gym again.  I think that makes 5 times. HA!  Yeah, it saves me some money and they like it.  Sneakers helps by testing it for me.