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I wonder what he is dreaming of?

A Party at the house. My house is small so we don’t do this often:

Saturday last I had a party and so I decided to put Sneakers and Ebony in the bedroom with the door closed.  I put a litter box, water and food.  The guests arrived about 11 and left around 2 pm.  I didn’t want them to leave something open and chance having the cats get into trouble.

Things were going great until one guest mentioned that he scattered the cats?  So I went in to investigate.  Somebody opened the louvered door? 

Sitting in the middle of the living room was Ebony.  Sneakers was no where in sight! Ebony knows more than he lets on.  I had to corral him and get him back to the bedroom until the last guests left.  It made it easier for me not to worry about them.

Time for Flea Meds! AUGH!

A favorite spot especially when the heater is on!

Today it was time to give them there flea meds.  Ebony is the hardest and it is usually traumatic for me and my hubby.  He then hides out for several days.  I was well past the proper time for giving the meds so I really needed to do it!

Ebony, Sneakers and I have a morning time together.  I feed them, do my chores and then come with a cup of coffee and catnip and we sit and I pet them, mostly Ebony.  He has gotten use to this ritual.  Once in a while I pick him up.  I am trying to get him to relax and get comfortable. 

Today he was relaxed after his catnip.  He was lying down on his belly facing away from me.  I gently placed my hand on his neck applying a little pressure then took it away and petted him. He didn’t seem too concerned and stayed quiet.  So I decided to give it a try.  I took the flea med vial and carefully hide it behind me.  I then punched it using the cap to poke a hole in the neck of the vial behind my back. I then put my left hand back on his neck and moved as quick as possible.  I squeezed the vial with one good push on the back of his neck.  He didn’t respond right away. I immediately let go and he took off into the bedroom quickly.  SUCCESS! I did it!  

Once I had done Ebony, I then proceeded to give the flea meds to Sneakers and he was a little unhappy but so much easier.  DONE with Flea Meds till next month, YIPPE!

Sneakers and the Vet

One of my cat carriers

Sneakers had been having trouble jumping up on furniture like the Futon, chair and the bed.  This concerned me.  It was also time for a check up and shots.  So last Tuesday I scheduled the appointment and prepared.

When the time came to get Sneakers into the cat carrier I was ready with everything.  I had the car door opened and the cat carrier set up with a rubber mat and a big towel to give him some traction in the carrier. 

I brought the cat carrier into the kitchen and went into the living room and gently picked him up and walked back to the kitchen and lowered him into the top.  He knew something was up but he was very good and I was able to close the top and secure it.

Boy is he heavy.  It was not easy to carry the cat carrier with his weight.  So I stopped and readjusted using both hands.  I placed him in the passenger seat next to me and put the door that is a grill towards me so he could see me and smell me. 

He protested all the way to the vet which is about 1 miles.  I use Cascade Pets in north Seattle on Aurora near the SAM’s club.  I have been with them for years.  They have had three vets:  Dr. Thomas, Dr. Hanson and now Dr. Rudolf.  All very nice ladies.  I have a link to them on the right side of this blog.

The first to come into the room was the assistant.  She weighed him and he was 16 lbs. Later Dr. Rudolf came in and examine the area on his back where he had his surgery.  There was a small piece of the big lump left but it was not growing.  She was glad. 

So Sneakers got his shots, his nails trimmed, his ears and eyes checked, a senior blood panel and a trim under his tail because of his long hair. 

We returned home and I put the cat carrier on the back porch and opened the top and he jumped right out.  It took him a few hours to finally get some sleep.  He is still having trouble jumping up? 

The following day the vet called and said that his blood work was excellent.  So Sneakers has a clean bill of health.  Unfortunately he has a cavity and that tooth will probably have to come out at some point. 

Now I have to decide if Sneakers gets the tooth pulled which means he will probably have to be put under anesthetic or have Ebony get his checkup first?