Ebony and Sneakers seemed happy to see when I came in the door at midnight two weeks ago from a three week trip to Ontario.  I dithered around a bit and then sat and watched a little TV trying to slow myself down.  My hubby had left on the Tuesday before so they had been alone for five days.  He had been home till that time, while I was gone.  My sister was taking care of them while we were gone.  This time my hubby had to make arrangements with my sister although she was aware of the schedule. 

Much to my surprise Ebony came and cuddled next to me, placing his body on my right leg.  He just looked at me while he opened and closed his eyes as I petted him.  He was there for quite some time before he left.  It was so amazing.  I had every confidence that Sneakers would respond and be friendly but I never expected Ebony to be so sweet. 

Sneakers was next to us on the couch and eventually cuddled close when I laid down on it as I usually do.  So we were back to being like normal, almost.

I was glad to be home and they both looked like they were doing well. 

Here they are enjoying one of our morning rituals: catnip.  I apologize for it being fuzzy but it was in the morning and it was very dark. 

Catnip stupor