Well, somehow Ebony got a cold and was sneezing.  How this happened is puzzling because the only animals I have are Ebony and Sneakers and they don’t go outside that much and interact with other animals, except each other?

Anyway, Ebony was sneezing and a little out of it for a while.  Unfortunately, I was sick with a cold too.  Sneakers has been sneezing this week and sleeping almost 24 hours as opposed to 20 and withdrawn.  He is recovering and feeling better but it is a little up and down.  He wanted to snuggle under the covers this morning.  He was withdrawn there for a while which is not his usual style.  Last night he had 4 sneezes right in a row, whew!  He happened to be laying on me at the time. He gets this funny look when he is about to sneeze and wrinkles up his nose. So I gave him some reassurance, petting him gently. 

Sneakers ears tips are usually cold, which surprises me, and for a while there they were not.  So I was monitoring him carefully and could tell he was very warm all over.  He seems better now.  So I think the worst is over.

I thought of course about kennel cough and found out it is associated with dogs.  So I dug a little further and found this article about cats and colds.  Other articles I found by just Googling had a lot of things you could do if the symptoms were extreme or how to take care of them at home.  I tend to keep it simple. 


So I am just waiting it out.  Ebony recovered and Sneakers seems to be feeling better and eating okay, drinking water and moving about a little more. 

Sound Asleep with a Cold!

According to the article indoor cats can get a cold as well.  It also states that humans get human colds and cats get cat colds.  So I was glad to learn that I had not been the culprit.

Hopefully, this will end soon!