I ask myself why?  Lately I have been receiving solicitations in the mail from various organizations that are trying to help abused animals.  Sigh!  I can barely look at the pictures, let alone read the information they send and the descriptions of the abuse the animal or animals receive and I ask myself WHY?

There is no way I can give to all these organizations so I will have to make some hard choices. 

I pondered whether these organizations were telling the truth or just using a really bad case to promote their agenda.  It is probably a little of each.   I guess I am more interested in what they are doing to stop the cruelty.

I decided to do a little sleuthing and found this website that focuses on animal abuse.  This website is called Pet Abuse and it has actual locality maps showing the various kinds of abuse for my area and you can open it directly from your browser to see what it will present for you area.    


Be prepared to be saddened. 

Sneakers and Ebony approve this message!