Ebony and Sneakers are sleeping peacefully in the bedroom.  Sneakers has his head turned upside down.  Ebony was watching me to see what was going to happen.  He was curled up at my pillow.

My hubby returned from his mission trip to Africa so we are readjusting a little to that event.  Here is a link to his blog about the trip.  http://ailangaschool.blogspot.com/  I stayed behind so he could go and just enjoy.  He had a busy two weeks. 

Can I tell if his absence made an impact.  Well, Ebony has taken a little time to warm up and has retreated now that hubby is back. He was not going into the bedroom while he was gone?  Something about a male affects him? 

Sneakers jumped onto the Futon between us and didn’t seem to be at all affected.  He asked hubby to pay attention so I think he was glad to see him.  I think he climbed onto his lap.  He got a chin rub so he was a happy cat.  He was working both of us and kept turning  from one to the other. 

So life is going along rather quietly. 

Ebony and Sneakers - Dreaming of Spring!

I have added a couple of new charities.  Someone sold my name. I suppose anyway to make money to pay for the care of the large cats is needed.  I cannot believe that they are bred to be used for photo opts till they are too old, then put to sleep?  This is according to “Keepers of the Wild,” sigh!