Yup, Sneakers and Ebony had destroyed the cat gym again.  This will be the 5th time that I have repaired the cat gym since November 2009. Let’s see $140 x 5 = $700 – $140 initial cost means that I have saved $560.00 by recovering it myself and not buying a new one every time they destroy it and rip up the rug that covers the two pillar posts.  

They are big cats and they can knock a cat scratch post over very easily.  So far I have not found one in the stores that has a solid base to prevent toppling.  So I have not invested in just a simple cat scratch post.  I bought this cat gym to encourage Ebony to move more.  He doesn’t climb it anymore.  He just uses it for his claws and to hide by when we are moving about.

Sneakers 2012

It takes about 2-3 hours to do, so I start taking it apart while watching Rachel Ray which is the easiest part and fun to do and I am done about 7 pm and it is back up again.  I use my staple gun to attach the rug tightly and my hammer to make sure the staple is tight. You are going through thick rug so you really want to make sure the staples are secure.  The electronic staple gun is very important to make this work.  

I have posted the instructions and how to do this on this blog.  See the right side of this blog page under Categories and look for “Cat Gym Repair.”  Click on it and it will bring up the posts and you can review them if you  wanted to repair one yourself.  I talk about the equipment to use, give tips and then a step-by-step on how to take it apart.    I  discuss it from a first time viewpoint.  The later posts are from the perspective of knowing what to expect.

This time I don’t think I put the cat gym back as securely as I have in the past.  Reassembly is probably the hardest.  Some of the screws are very long and that means a fully charged drill.  I don’t have the strength I use to have, so next time I think I might get my hubby to help.  So don’t be afraid to ask for help.  It is a little tricky to put the pieces together strongly.  

It is still standing however and it has been a couple of weeks and they are already ripping at it.  See the picture below and look at the top of the shorter post and you will see that it is coming apart.  Fortunately they use it and don’t use my furniture!  (Click on the photo and it will enlarge in another window.  Be sure to click the back arrow button to return to this post.)  Do not use the vaccuum to clean up the pieces of the ripped rug.  It will clog it!

Cat Gym Repair - two weeks later!

Sneakers technique is to squat and reach up. Sneakers actually attacked it while I was working on putting it back together.  I guess he approved.   Ebony stretches out and curves his long body and then goes for it.

Photo above:  Sneakers is sitting on a plastic rolling cart that is next to my desk.  We have a step stool for him to climb up and he really uses it.  Now if I could only get Ebony to use it!