I couldn’t find Sneakers nor Ebony.  I looked in all the right places.  I looked over the dining room table to the chairs, on the stuffed green chair, the Futon, on the bed, in Ebony’s cubicle but no luck.

Then I spied two tails coming out from under the long dark blue curtains that we use to cover our sliding glass door.  The curtain was pooched out a bit.  I knew Sneakers would do this, but to see Ebony’s tail, that was the best! 

There were a lot of songbirds in the yard that day for I had put out some sunflower seeds and they had gathered as well as the squirrels.  So there was some great activity for them to enjoy. 

We had a really bad snow and ice storm here in the Puget Sound area several weeks ago which affected the whole western side of Washington State. 

Sneakers smelled the rat in the back yard and stepped out onto the snow.  Here he is checking out the situation and walking in the snow.

My Brave Indoor Raise Kitty - Sneakers

The Hunter!

Did he catch the rat?  No.  If he ever does I will be amazed.  He is 12 years old and does a lot of stalking but so far he has not caught anything and I am not sure I want him too! 
The rat was under the table cover first and then ran under the bush to the left in the back.  It is a pretty tangled bush so it was hidden well. 

Returning to home - Sneakers

 So I have a rat? Grrr…!  Now if Puffer was alive…well the rat would have been in really big trouble!  I am very proud of Sneakers he is doing so well learning about the seasons in our backyard.