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Ebony sunning himself!

Ebony is just now trying to get my attention by pulling on my chair and shoulder while I sit in front of the computer.  He also squeaks at me.  He is sitting at my left on the floor close to the chair, looking at me very intently with his golden eyes. 

Ebony squeaks, he doesn’t really meow.  More like an erk sound!  I was told I am a bit unusual because I talk to my animals and they answer. 

When he pulls on my shoulder and chair it means he wants me to pay attention to him, so I go sit on the living room rug and pet him or go and get catnip, or give him some more food.   Unfortunately, I hear my hubby moving around and Ebony has disappeared.  He is still a little skittish about our walking around but he has, in the last few months, become so brave in other ways!  I think we have had break through!!!

Ebony has slowly adapted to us and it has been two years since we adopted him and I would say that we are finally getting to a place where he is trusting us more and more and relaxing.  He is now 11 years old and it has taken awhile for him to adjust.  My other cats of long ago chose me.  Ebony was different, I chose him.  They were strays and came to me at various places I lived in and I took them in.  Ebony didn’t have that choice.  I know this because Puffer and Minx my two gray tabbies, White Kitty a short-haired white cat, Breezy my Calico and Ciara my German Shepherd all chose me.  The others were either lost and confused or kittens when they found me. 

Ebony’s personality is less brave. His former owners called him “Spook!”  I kept the Humane Societies name for him “Ebony.”  I thought it was more positive.  

Just the other day we gave him his flea meds.  This is usually a traumatic event for all of us. 

My hubby tried to pick him up once but he ran away and hid under the bed.  So he waited awhile and went into the bedroom and lay on the bed.  He knew that Ebony would come back up on the bed thinking he was going to go to sleep again.  When Ebony did that he picked him up and I gave the flea meds quickly.  Of course, Ebony disappeared for the morning but this time he went to the head of the bed and later he did come out and spent time on the chairs near on the other side of the dining room table where he was protected.  If I tried to go near him he would be able to get away.  I was very surprised to find him there next to the heater?  I figured he would spend the day in the bedroom.  I didn’t bother him all day letting him have his time and waiting for him to come to me. 

We also gave Sneakers his flea meds and he was just fine and continued on like nothing had happened.   I wanted to see if they would cuddle and they did, even with the smell of the flea meds.

Later that night Ebony had a petting session with my hubby on the living room rug.  That was Good News!  The smell of the medicine goes away after 24 hours according to the vet.  

The next day Ebony was asking for food and walking with me to his breakfast and even later in the morning he came out and had some catnip and let me pet him.   He is asking for food, love and attention more and more.  This is so exciting!

This behavior is a far cry from when he first came to be with us.  I held him down on the floor while hubby gave the meds and he would not come near us for weeks and I was just sick with feeling terrible that I was a bit too overbearing and miscalculated terribly.  The vet told me he would come around.   That happened a couple of months after he was first with us.  From that point on I have been very slow and gentle and with Ebony and I never scold him or chase him. 

Other things we have noticed is he was playing with this large twisty tie and it was fun to see him jump and romp. I know there is an awesome cat in him! This went on for at least 3-4 minutes, very unusual behavior.  These two cats don’t play unless you initiate it??  He turned and looked at me very intently and then he stopped.  It is like he is expecting to be punished.  So I guess next time I just look out of the corner of my eye and try not to giggle. 

My hubby reported that Ebony started to lick his hair, forehead and then nibbled on his forehead and noise a little, while he lay on the living room floor and they had their petting session a week ago.   When a cat starts to wash you it means you have been accepted.   He licked me one time very briefly.  He puts his nose to my hand and now looks at me directly instead of being closed down. 

Lots of patience is the key!  I am looking forward to what other behaviors will enfold with Ebony!