The Holidays always remind me to give to the community.  Sneakers and Ebony agree.  Food seems to be the key. 

The Seattle Humane Society has a program to give food to the animals. They have a Pet Food Bank:   http://www.seattlehumane.org/services/services/lowincome-senior

Grocery stores have bins that you can place pet food into.  This is a little more convenient and easy to do.  Just buy a little extra that day and then find the bin before you leave. 

On the right of this blog is a list of links titled: Ebony & Sneakers Favorites.  You will See Alley Cat Allies, Feral Cat Project, World Wildlife.  Just click on the link and it will take you to that organization. 

I have added Tiger Haven, Shambala, Turpentine Creek, Panther Ridge as possibilities.  Take the time to investigate the charity or organization before you give.  Be prepared to then get a lot of mail afterwords, unless they tell you they don’t sell your name?

Ebony & Sneakers

For evaluating the quality of an organization or charity try this link to Charity Navigator.