I was searching for something one day and stumbled on this article about “How to Make a Cat Scratching Post,” at wikiHow edited by a Rattan and 11 others.

As you know I have blogged about how to recover an existing cat gym on several occasions on this blog.  It is a pet project of mine to help others save some money.

I have recovered the cat gym that I purchased Ebony and Sneakers 3 times and about to do the 4th.  It takes about 2 hours to do this and lasts about 3 months with two very large cats.  They aren’t using the other furniture so I am happy and willing to recover this cat gym which costed $139.00 initially.  I have no intention of buy a cat gym every three months. 

This article I found is how to make a cat scratching post and I think that is great! 


Since Ebony and Sneakers are both 12 pound cats they can knock things over and that concerns me with some of the models I see at the pet stores.  I did buy one thing that did that when Sneakers tried it and I took it back!

Here they are adding weight to the bottom base.  It might be a good idea to make it larger?  I would be very careful about using a staple gun and make sure the staples are set deeply in my tapping them with a hammer.  You don’t want kitty to get his claws caught.

 My sister has one that is slanted and leans against another straight post.  I was thinking of copying the design and make one of my own because I cannot find it anywhere. 

They even have a video of how to do it at wikiHow.  Just scroll to the bottom.  It is a riot.  The cat is making the scratching post!!!!

So check it out!

Sneakers and Ebony Enjoy the Bed!