There are several charities that specialize in helping large cats and for that matter large animals that humans think to acquire as pets!  Then, much to that human’s surprise the animal gets big, dangerous, needs room to live and needs lots of food, specifically meat, which is expensive. 

So organizations like “Shambala” take on these animals and care for them. 

Just recently another charity sent me a plea for support called “Tiger Haven.”  I know about this organization and have checked in on them occasionally.  They seem to have endless problems with the unhappy neighbors.

I am sure there more of these large animal sanctuaries that take care of these large exotic animals.  Somehow they made it to the United States and some are even born here because they belonged to a roadside circus?

Another big cat preserve is Panther Ridge Conservation Center.  Still another Turpentine Creek

This is just a 10 minute session on the internet and I find four of these sanctuaries in the United States!!! There are more!

Please do not acquire a large cat or animal as a pet.  They are not pets!  Ebony and Sneakers want you to know that they are dangerous and require special handling. 

Siegfried and Roy the Magicians who used large cats in their show are an example of the danger that is involved.  Roy defends his animal and says the animal was trying to save him for he had a stroke.  Maybe?  Both Roy and Siegfried have to spend hours with each big cat to keep the bond alive.  Since the accident they have turned their attention to conservation and preservation of these great animals and dolphins too.  You Tube has several videos on this attack. 

NOTE:  I am not suggesting that these charities or organizations are perfect.  This kind of care requires special knowledge and handling, please investigate them like any other charity organization before you give support. 

I did visit the Secret Garden of Roy and Siegfried and it was pretty amazing to see the big cats behind a wire mess and no glass to separate me from them.  One of them was pacing and spraying..yes he was spraying his urine and you could smell it, feel it and see it.