Cats are little weather meters.  I would be gardening and all of a sudden my cats of long ago would disappear into the house.  I would continue to garden and then experience raindrops on my skin.  AH HA!  They knew it was going to rain and they would head for cover!   So I started to pay attention to what they were doing and sure enough every time the cats were right!

Sneakers is no exception!  The other day he came into the kitchen from outside and turned and looked at the backdoor with an alert body position and I said “What’s the matter?”  He ran into the living room and disappeared.  He went under the bed! 

Then I heard it!  A big rumble and a crack!  One of the cracks was so loud and so close I was even surprised!  I have never heard it that loud in this part of the country!  It is Puget Sound and we get thunderstorms but not like other parts of the country.  This was pretty awesome!  

ClipArtPal - Thunderstorm

I would say about 45 minutes later Sneakers emerged from under the bed.  I made the assumption that the storm had passed! Ebony he seemed to be okay with it and not as scared as Sneakers had been.    The rain did come after and it was pretty heavy. 

So Sneakers is learning about Mother Nature and her many moods as he gains confidence in going outside. 

Now this is a serious problem.  Thunder can really scare an animal and they will run away.  My dog Bo would tremble with fear at thunder and fireworks.  I tried to hold her at that time and she would shake so bad.  I think I helped some but she never did get over the fear. 

Dogs are the worst because they will run and the postman said a man was looking for his after the storm.  So lock a gate, bring your animal indoors anything to keep them safe!  

Just Google a topic like “Cats and thunderstorms” and you will see a lot of hits for a discussion of this topic!  It is actually given a name for it can be a phobia and be a very severe problem for both human and animal and require treatment?