Sneakers and my hubby have become friends.  My hubby likes to rub Sneakers chin and cheeks and Sneakers seems to enjoy it.  Sneakers was sitting on the plastic tower and gazing at my hubby with expectation the other night.  He climbs up onto our Futon inbetween us and gets some petting and attention from my hubby and then turns around and seeks my attention.  I think he is working the crowd!

Sneakers & Ebony on the back porch

My hubby is very good at brushing a cat.  He has the patience.  Sneakers has very fine cat fur and he is prone to getting mats.  He has several on his back and my hubby is trying to work with Sneakers to get him to let him work on those mats.  At first Sneakers was a little uncertain but with the two of us gently encouraging him, he seems to be realizing that my hubby is trying to help him.  He still let’s us know when it hurts.  The mats get so tight to the skin and you want to be very careful in using scissors.  You don’t want to risk cutting the cat’s skin.  If you are careful the scissors can be used to cut the mat to open it up.  BE VERY CAREFUL.  That would not be a good thing! A vet said they have very thin skin.

I have taken my past cats into the vet to have the mats removed and they usually shave off most of the cats fur or a portion of it.  Some cats they give anesthesia to before shaving them.  So you do want to check with the vet as to their procedure if you feel that the mat situation is out of control. 

It is July and this is the time when a cat sheds a lot and it is important to brush them regularly.  The vet told me that even if you do brush a cat regularly the mats will start to happen and can’t always be stopped but don’ t stop brushing.   

When I Googled “Brushing a cat,” I got a lot of interesting articles on the subject.   There was a video by a vet but she was struggling with her cat.  I think I would not wrestle with a cat.  You could get hurt and risk hurting the animal.  Best to try to get the cat use to it.  We used to bribe Puffer with catnip until he learned to like getting brushed.

UPDATE:  Success!!!  The big thick tight mat on Sneakers back is gone!  My hubby was determined to get it off of Sneakers and he was able to do so the other night.  Sneakers was reaching around and putting his teeth on hubby’s hand but not biting hard.  So Sneakers was warning us.  With gentle persistence and lots of loving pets it was done.  After removal we gave Sneakers lots of loving and I petted him all over his body reinforce the experience.