We had been on vacation and gone about a week and half leaving Sneakers and Ebony all alone.  In my last post I talked about the “House Sitting” list for the person who takes care of your pets and I prepared one.  I set it by the food so it could be found.

I had arranged with my sister to help out.  I had some anxiety about leaving them alone for so long it was 12 days.  I knew they were in good hands with my sister for she has two cats of her own to care for.  It is a lot of work though to drive over to someone’s home and do this everyday.  My other cats we could skip days because they went outside and did their business there but Sneakers and Ebony are indoor mostly so that means the kitty litter has to be emptied at least once a day. 

We arrived home late in the evening and Sneakers and Ebony where on the futon.  Both were a little puzzled and unsure about what was happening.  Sneakers was a little shy and I had to gently encourage him to sniff my hand and let me pet him.  Things were a little disrupting as we brought in our luggage and moved about the house. 

Once Sneakers sniffed me I think he realized who I was and from that point on he was following me all around.  I opened up the back door to air out the house and he was outside in a flash.  He had not gone out the whole time. 

I took my time with Ebony as he sat on the Futon watching us and later he hid in the cradle of his cat gym watching.  He sniffed my hand and let me pet him gently and soon he was okay with things.  The front door was opened with the screen door closed and he and Sneakers checked it out. 

It was good to see that both cats were doing well and seemed happy. 

That night they were both in the bed.  Sneakers was there first and a little later even Ebony came in to see what was happening!

Ebony sunning himself!

The next day Ebony was sunning himself and keeping and eye on what I was doing!  Sneakers was busy going in and outside!

Sneakers enjoying treats!

I was back to spoiling them the next day!