About a month or more ago I returned home from a big genealogical research trip back East.  Ebony and Sneakers were cared for by their other major human.  

Ebony's Hideaway!

From the news reports of my hubby, it sounded like the two cats were doing quite well and learning to rely on him.  Sneakers was getting a chance to go outside while Ebony was also experimenting with the outside.  The report was he likes the night-time. I am not surprised.

When I leave, I like to prepare a “How to Take Care of the Cats and House” list as a Word.doc.  It has a check list of chores and tips regarding the care and feeding of the pets.  My hubby gets a big kick out of it and teases me about it.  However, it helps him to remember to put the garbage, recycling out and other things.   It is basically a “House sitting” plan of action.

The Word.doc has these topics and more included:

  • 1.  Dates of the trip
  • 2.  Destination or destinations
  • 3.  Hotel/motel/B&B information and airline schedule
  • 4.  What is going on that the person needs to know about – like the neighbor was rebuilding the fence between our yards and the person needs to know the status of that. 
  • 5.  Mail – is anything coming in a big package
  • 6.  Bills that need to be paid – prepare envelopes etc.
  • 7.  Garbage and recycling cans
  • 8.  Lights/shades/doors/windows
  • 9.  Plant watering if needed
  • 10.  Anything else they need to know about.
  • 11.  Care of the cats: feeding, water, kitty litter clean up etc.

Having this on a Word.doc is great because I can revise it for each trip and fit it to the needs of that situation.  I have one for the hubby and one for another person who would care for the animals while we were gone. 

So my hubby had a great adventure caring for Ebony and Sneakers while I was gone.  He had to do everything!!!  I usually do it all the feeding and poop duty. 

I had been home a couple of days and he commented on how strange it was not to worry about the cats in the morning as he prepared for work.  Maybe it was a good idea he had this time alone with them.  Taking care of a home is a lot of work and then you add pets and that can make it even more involved.

Note:  When Ebony first came to live with us in 2009, I set up this little area in the closet (see photo) where he could go and hide out from the “scary” humans.  He has taken to it nicely and frequently goes there – just because!  It is interesting that he did take to it because cats tend to like to find their own spaces to hide.  Sneakers goes way under the bed between the underbed organizers and you have to shine a light to find him.