The Seattle Humane Society sent me an email May 4, 2011 and it was very interesting.  They asked the question:

“Who will take care of your pet or pets if something should happen to you?” 

They offered two sessions of classes at the end of May 2011 at their facilities in Bellevue.  Of course they were interested in securing bequests for the Seattle Human Society but that is okay by me. I suspect they will do it again.  Here is a link to their website:  http://www.seattlehumane.org/  You can sign up easily at their website to get their newsletter and these types of informational emails will come to you.

So who will take care of Ebony and Sneakers if something happens to us?  That is a very good question.  My sister has two grown cats a male and female and she would probably not be able to take them in because of this.  My brother would not be interested.  So I do have a problem and I do need to consider what needs to be done in this matter.

Now I adopted Ebony and Sneakers at the age of 10+ years and they are now going on 12 years old.  I was assuming that they would pass before there was a problem but you never know? 

So I think that this is a subject that needs some more thought!

The Humane Society is also on Facebook so you could check that out!!!!

NOTE:  In the photo above you can see me asleep, Sneakers barely hanging on and if you look harder you can see two golden eyes – Ebony!!!