Getting some outside time!

When I walked in the door after my trip Ebony and Sneakers were cuddled on the futon.  They looked at me with a puzzled expression on their faces.  “Who is this person, seems familiar!” 

Cats are not known for their long memories but Sneakers was soon following me around.  I settled on the futon and had a little dinner and watched a little TV to calm down from the plane ride and he cuddled up.  It was 3 am.  I was soon off to bed.  Ebony took a little longer but the next morning he flopped down on his side and let me rub him all over. 

There seems to be a little change since I was on my trip of three weeks.  I am not feeding them as often and that is good for they tend to sleep a lot and they were taking on some weight.  Hubby works all day so they seem to be following the work week and I am trying to encourage that behavior.

The connection between myself and Sneakers is just fine.  He is happy to have me around.  Ebony is a little more reluctant but that is not necessarily a bad sign.  He has been climbing on my lap while I watch Rachel Ray.  He pushed Sneakers out the other day and took total control of my lap.  He is so heavy.  Yesterday he sat on my lap, got up rearranged and then got up again and rearranged till he was partially on me and partially off.  Last night he came and stood on my lap and then left?  I think I have been taken possession of.

They seem to be a little more bonded to my hubby now and that is good.  Sneakers wants to know what he is doing and Ebony likes to rub him when he does his exercises on the living room floor.  That is a good thing!

I am off again on a two-day trip myself and then we are both gone for a good week plus.  I worry but I do have someone to care for them when we are gone.  Being more indoor oriented cats they do need their kitty litter box cleaned regularly and food set out.