Sneakers and Ebony are exploring days.  Spring came officially a couple of days ago.  Here they are checking out the backyard having tried out their new cat door.  Even Ebony ventured out meowing all the way!!!

Out through the Cat Door!

Sneakers likes to eat the grass up in the way back area of the back yard.  I do have some wheat grass for him in the kitchen and give them catnip regularly as a green. 

Ebony understands what the pet door is.  He has no problem going in and out.  Sneakers go outside okay but has trouble with coming back in.  They are also getting braver with pulling and pushing the back door open which I leave ajar unless it is cold outside. 

Today Sneakers just sat quietly out on the deck just smelling the air.  He was also doing a little hunting earlier. 

I am very proud of my two “indoor” cats who are learning to go outdoors.