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Here is the last of the first grouping of cats and dogs that I have cared for.

Puffer Doing His Thing!

Last Days!

Puffer was 2 months shy of 20 years when he went to kitty heaven.  He was about 16 lbs.  He was also a ratter and I saw him kill one once.  It was Wild Kingdom that day.  He was quite the presence!  I called him my Lion Kitty because he was very much lion-like in many ways and even a little dangerous!

Sneakers and Ebony are a whole new world compared to the cats and dogs that I have known but it is now a year and a couple of months and we are becoming a family.  They are getting to know us and getting to understand our ways.  They are 11 years old so transitioning has been a tough go of it for them.  The lady at the Seattle Humane Society was correct.  She told me it would take a good year and that is true.  So if you adopt be prepared for it to take a year before you come to be a family.  It also depends on the cat and what happened to them before.  In this case Sneakers adapted much more quickly than Ebony.  Sneakers is a very happy cat and friendly.  He has his problems but he is basically the sweetest cat I have ever known.  Ebony is shy and he was sick when he came home with us and it took a good 6 months to get him back to health and happiness.  He doesn’t go hide in the bedroom as much.  I cannot compare the other cats to these two indoor raised kittens.  It is a whole new world and adventure to see these two cats blossom and become happy and healthy.

So was Puffer a coon cat?