The time came to close down the blog that I created for my cat Puffer:  Puffer’s Golden Years.  I used his voice to hopefully share with others my thoughts on the care of pets.  Puffer passed in February of 2009 and eight months later in November 2009 we adopted Sneakers and Ebony from the Humane Society. 

My hubbie brought in from outside a piece of catnip that he had started to grown for Puffer.  Sweet Puffer spread the seeds around the yard in his fur and paws and it keeps growing back.  It reminded me that it was time to remember Puffer and the other pets that touched my life.  Puffer was the last of a long list of pets that I started caring for 35 years ago:

Critter (male gray and white short hair. Gypsy Cat!


Cinnamon (female longhaired Brown Tort). My shadow


Sammy (female short-haired feral grey tabby). Six pounds of attitude!!!


Breezy (female short-haired Calico). 


Nikki (female Black and white short-hair).  Mini Cougar!


White Kitty (male white short-hair).  A flower child!!

White Kitty!

Minx (female gray tabby short-hair).  A little character!


Hobo (Bo) dog (female collie/German Shepherd mix).  Lived under houses for years before she adopted me.  WOOF! WOOF!

Bo or Hobo Dog!

Ciara (female German Shephard and maybe Dane).  She didn’t know her power!


and the one that stole my heart Billie (male wire-haired terrier and maybe either Bassett or Dachshund).  He was a lot like Benji.

So I will do a little shifting of the links from Puffer’s blog to here because they are still of use and hopefully will provide information about the care of animals.

A friend told me about this website that honors past pets “Rainbow Bridge.”  See the Ebony and Sneakers Favorites to the right of this blog to go there and explore.