In past posts I talked in detail about how to recover and fix a cat gym.  Well guess what!  I had to do it for the second time right before Christmas.  Ebony and Sneakers and ripped it to shreds in six months…!

Ripped Cat Gym

This time it didn’t take as much time but there were a few challenges.  I discovered that we drilled to hard through the cardboard pieces and the screws went through.  The cat gym was holding together because of multiple screws. We were more careful this time with our drill.  Cardboard pieces are like the round little cubby that you see in the photo and the cradle.  You can tell what is wood versus what is a thick cardboard by feeling the pieces. 

I had extra rug so I was able to add that without going to the store for more.  I am out now so I will have to go and get some at Flynn’s Carpet in Lynnwood.

This time I laid plastic down and did the project while I watched Rachel Ray and other programs on TV.   I was done in about 2 hours with a little extra help from my hubby in holding things while we drilled.  Don’t forget to charge your drills ahead of time.

I had the ruined rug removed quickly by using my flat screwdriver and prying up the staples.  It is  good idea to have a pliers to remove sharp pieces of the staples that break off. 

Wooden Pieces Ready for Rug

 You can see in the photo that I have a box cutter and I am finding that to be the easiest way to cut the rug backing.  I use the wood two by four as my guide and have kept the old rug pieces for templates. 

I really like my electric staple gun.  I can get the job done quick.  I start by flipping the rug and wood piece over and stapling the top and bottom working my way around the piece slowly securing the top and bottom of the rug to the top and bottom of the wood piece.   I like to tap each staple with the hammer to make sure it is secure and flat to the wood through the rug.  You do not want kitty catching a claw.  Once all the way around the top and bottom you then pull the edges together and staple down the whole side.  You pull the rug tight as you do this.  The side that has the staples down its length holding the edges of the rug together is positioned to the inside.  This way when you put the gym back together kitty doesn’t snag a claw. 

Wood piece and Rug

You can see from this close up that the rug is cut with little flaps to go over the top of the wood post and this acts as a cushion with the round cubby bottom.  I cut the rug with a box cutter using my old rug piece as a template.

It is now the end into the middle of February 2011 and Ebony has already dug deep.  I think I will need to go up to Flynn’s and get more rug…soon!! HA!