Inheriting a cat door pet panel was a blessing.  There are pitfalls to inheriting a pet door panel for a sliding glass door: missing parts!

My hubby found a website that had a video on how to install one of these panel’s and it was very helpful. It was found at Pet Safe’s website.  You will need to scroll down to the video and watch it. 


After watching that video we both were able to figure out what needed to be done.  My hubby put the door into the opening of the sliding glass door to see if it would fit.  It did!

The next step was to figure out what parts were missing and replace those at the home improvement store.  You want the door to be safe for the pets and secure.  You also want to make sure that it is as air tight as possible. 

There is another alternative as suggested in the last post comments of a viewer that you can put the pet door into the glass of the sliding glass door.  This is a great alternative unless you have double glass.  The company is Pet Access Solutions at: http://www.petaccesssolutions.com/pet-doors-for-glass-doors/  Thanks to my viewer for the wonderful tip.

The pet panel is now installed and we are teaching Ebony and Sneakers how to use it!  

We left the plastic flap off for a while till so they know that there is an opening there.  Sneakers is having trouble adjusting to the feel of the plastic flap on his back.  He does reach out with his paw.  It will take a little time for them to get use to the plastic flap.  We are gently encouraging them to use it rather than the backdoor which I leave ajar when I let Sneakers out.  Ebony will take a lot longer.

These two cats are pretty naive about the outside world so they will have to be monitored carefully.  They won’t go out at night. 

At this time Sneakers goes out the pet door and then walks around to the backdoor and asks to be let in there.  Hmmm…it is going to take some adjusting to get him to realize he can go in and out through the pet door and not rely on me to open the backdoor.  I think that part will wait till the Spring and Summer at this time we will just manage things till it gets warmer.