Teaching Ebony and Sneakers to go outside has been very rewarding.  Sneakers has adjusted and Ebony is curious but he doesn’t understand cold weather!!!

With all my other animals, dogs and cats, I had to install a pet door in my backdoor, otherwise, I would have been opening and closing the door all the time for 4 cats and 3 dogs. Something about doors is fascinating to a cat.  It was drafty and that is a problem but it really helped and allowed them to go outside during the day when I was away at work. 

I started out with a small door to accommodate Billie my 35 pound Terrier mix and then Ciara came along and she was a big German Shepherd so I had to get  a bigger one.  She would crash through the small one and I was afraid she would hurt herself.  Bo by other large dog was a Collie and Shephard mix and she had trouble going through the smaller door.  So what you see in this photo is the larger door installed. 

Old Door and Pet Door

It was not to hard to install.  The first step is to remove the door from the opening and place it on some saw horses or tables so you can work.  The scary part was cutting a hole in my door.   It requires placing and measuring carefully.  I also had to build up around the door in the panel area with wood pieces.  I followed the instructions from the pet door and I did okay.  I believe I used a jigsaw for this job.  As I recall that door was a good $40 dollars or more. 

That door is gone, I broke the window and it was not replaceable. It was replaced with a nice wood door that looks great with a window with a screen that opens and closes.  Unfortunately it is not a panel door and Franks Door Store in Shoreline, WA would not cut into it and install a pet door.  Now you can install in this type of door but it will weaken the door and void your warranty.  

New Wood Backdoor

I do not have a lot of wall space in my house so I could not cut into a wall and install that type of pet door.  The only option was to use my sliding glass door and install a pet panel in that door. 

So what did I do????

Well, I was lucky my sister had a sliding glass cat door panel and I asked if she was using it and she said “No.”  I offered to pay for it and she said “No” again.  So I inherited a sliding glass cat door panel.  These panels cost around $150 dollars or more.  She informed me it was drafty.  This type of door system is not my most favorite choice but opening and closing the back door is drafty too. 

My hubby, kind man that he is, took on the job of installing it.  Unfortunately parts had been lost after my sister replaced all her doors with new ones and removed it.  So he had to get clever and figure out how to install it and make it work in our situation.  I will talk about that in the next post giving some tips.