Imagine two 13 pound cats piling on top of you!!!! 

I like to lay on my Futon and watch TV and Sneakers comes and cuddles close usually laying on my leg but not completely on top of me.  Ebony likes to climb right on top of me and settle down.  He is so heavy he eventually cuts off my circulation and I have to move.  My moving causing Ebony to jump off.  A few minutes later he comes back and climbs on again.   I try to give them some room to settle in and lately, Ebony has been laying next to me about my mid area.  Sneakers claims the leg area.  This seems to work best.   I am learning not to separate my legs or Ebony settles in between and he is so heavy…

Here we are piled together: 

Ebony and Sneakers Pile On!

Many people think cats are way too independent but I have found them to be very loyal if you give them good food, gentle pets, cuddle time and attention. 

Happy Holidays to All from Ebony and Sneakers.  May you be warm and safe and may 2011 be a wonderful and great year!!!!