Sneakers had his first experience with snow several weeks ago about November 22 and 23 of 2010, just before Thanksgiving. 

Sneakers Sleeps while it Snows!

A Brace Kitty!

He first stepped out and felt the cold snow on his feet and became a little confused.  He then came back inside.  About 5 minutes later he tried again and this time he made it to the deck area and explored a little more.  That excursion lasted about 10 minutes and he was back in the house again.  The evidence is clear that he attempted to walk around in the snow. 

Not bad for an 11 year old kitty that has never experienced snow, having lived indoors all his life!

Good Show Sneakers!!!!
The snow was gone by Thanksgiving but Sneakers took a little time before he ventured outside again.  He was soon stalking creatures in the backyard again.