Sneakers and Ebony came to use one year ago today November 21, 2009! We are celebrating!!!! There will be treats and catnip and lots of loving!!

Sneakers is a happy cat.  He walks around with his fuzzy tail up in the air.  He loves going out doors, sleeping on his chair in the dining room, getting treats from my hubby, and cuddling with me on the futon. 

I found him the other day as a lump on the bed.  He had crawled under the covers and was snuggled down. Now he is a big cat and 10 + years old and to me this is kitten behavior.  In the early morning he cuddles between us on the bed and purrrrsssss…!!!

He has recovered from his surgery and the incision has completely healed.  The hair has grown back.  We are learning how to keep him mat free.  Last night he was trying to eat a piece of cheese that my hubby had in his hand so he climbed on top of him to get it. 

Sneakers is a joy!

I think I am actually seeing the two cats play a little together.  Sneakers put his paw out to Ebony briefly.  They had come running into the house from outside.  They are including me in their cuddle times together.  They pile on top of me. 

Ebony has come a long hard road. He started out sick with Giardia.  He was so withdrawn and depressed.  His fur has grown back where it was missing.   His fur is now soft not greasy.  He seems to be recovering from tummy and intestinal problems and getting stronger.  Still need to keep up with the probiotic and watch that there is minimal fish in the food.

He is walking around more and coming into the kitchen looking for food when I am preparing it.  He is not running away as often although he still worries.  He is not as brave about the outside as Sneakers but he is curious.  The cold weather has discouraged him.  He does stick his head through the curtains in the dining room to see what is happening and one time he came to the screen door by the front to see what I was doing but quickly retreated when he saw me notice him.  He has jumped up on the cart but gets down real quick when I notice him.  How can I get him to realize it is okay to do these things.  Next year is wide open!!  I do see a change for he is more open and less withdrawn. 

Ebony comes close to my office chair for attention.  Yes, he is asking me for food and attention when he didn’t do that before.  He places his paws on my office chair and squeaks (he does not meow).  The other day he yeowled so loud it scared me and I jumped and he ran into the bedroom.  Then he heard me laughing and he came back out.  He is not spending as much time in his cubbie in the bedroom.

I really think he has decided he likes me, HA! He touches his wet nose to my hand. His purring is SONIC!!!  We have morning love fests and he wiggles on his side while I pet him.  Ebony is even whacking toys around the floor by himself! He likes twisty ties.

Whenever I think of Ebony, I smile!

The process of integrating them into our lives is going well. I had forgotten how my other cats and dogs had been assimilated into the family so this last year has been very interesting to me to observe this interaction and take the time to notice the changes in their behavior.

It is fun to watch these two gentlemen cats learn..there are very few cat rules at this house! 

We are all a family now and I look forward to more adventures…!