Did you know that cats are little weather meters?  Yes, my other cats of the past would come inside then curl up and get ready to take a nap.  Next thing I knew the rain would come. 

Sneakers is learning what rain is.  He sometimes comes inside soggy.  His tail is wet.  I grab a small towel and wipe him off.  He isn’t too sure what it means but when you do this you rub them with the towel and they like that.  I make it a game. 

Sometimes I opened the door and he stands there sniffing the air but won’t go out.  The rain was falling and you could hear it.  He will learn about the eaves and areas he can go in the rain with all the trees there are drier areas in the backyard.  His favorite maple tree to hide under has lost most of its leaves. So they are both learning about the changing of the seasons. 

It is funny to see Sneakers stalk birds and squirrels.  He gets into that lower stance and then moves quickly forward. 

They are learning about the night.  I am letting them out in the early morning before the light changes.  Of course they see things in twilight while we see the dark.  So far so good. 

Ebony is getting braver and going out in the dark morning as well.  Something gets him going and he comes racing indoors and makes a racket as he runs!  This is good for I think he is very physical an spends too much time curled up sleeping.  He was depressed. The outdoor seems to be helping.  He is happier these days.

I set up a kitty litter box outside so they would know they can go outside.  It is being used so that is good news.  I think it is Ebony who is using it?? 

Happy on the roof of her home!

Sneakers had a close encounter with Happy the female cat that lives across the street.  He was so excited he was telling me all about it.  Meow…Meow….and he was agitated and walking around and around.  I spotted Happy making her way across the front yard so I know something happened.  I do not know if she was in the backyard and they came face-to-face?  Happy is not happy about the these two new cats but it would be nice if she did learn to accept them.  She is a nice cat. 

She would be a good influence being a cat with outdoor experience.  Being female is also not a bad thing for two male cats?