I have always wanted a black cat and I have that in Ebony although there is a little brown in his coat when the sunlight shines on him. 

He has the biggest gold eyes.  I was a bit disappointed that in surfing the web there are articles about black cats being mistreated around Halloween.  There is a suspension of adoptions for black cats around Halloween which is really too bad.  I wonder if we will ever learn and stop hurting animals for stupid reasons.  Here is an article about this issue at About.com:  http://cats.about.com/cs/catmanagement101/a/blackcatmonth.htm

However, there are some interesting legends about black cats:  http://www.austinlostpets.com/kidskorner/2october/infoblackcat.htm

I am a lucky person and I have been very lucky in adopting Ebony.  He is the sweetest cat I have ever known.  He is learning to communicate with me and his little “sweak” means he is hungry….!

Ebony wishes all a safe and fun Halloween!