This is a switch, my sister has taught a feral outdoor cat how to stay indoors.  Blacky is loving it.  He let my hubbie brush and pet him for a good 15 minutes. 

Who says you cannot teach and old cat new tricks!

On the Table!

I featured Blacky in the blog:  Puffer’s Golden Years, because my sister rescued him as a feral and stray cat.  She had to capture him back then and take him to the vet for he had an infection.  It was a very involved.  Things have really changed.  Blacky has transitioned to the indoors and greets me at the top of the stairs when I go over to take care of them on occasion. 

Here is one of the posts about Blacky’s experiences.  Rescuing strays and caring for them is very important and so I am repeating it here.  Ebony and Sneakers would approve because they know what it is like to be abandoned.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Strays, Rescue and Feral Cats – Blacky Update!


Puffer is happy to report that Blacky the free ranging cat is doing nicely. Blacky was released back to freedom about two weeks ago. Here he is sitting on the back steps and looking very handsome:

His steps to freedom were up a ladder and out the basement bathroom window. Puffer likes to be outdoors so he knows how Blacky felt.

Blacky had been recuperating in a small room in sister’s house. He had a sore front paw and that needed to heal but he was also recovering from surgery and needed medication. This meant that he was to be kept quiet for at least a week or more. This is not an easy feat for a feral cat. There are a lot of challenges and a lot was going on to heal this kitty.

Sister had to find a way to care for Blacky while he healed and keep him safe till that happened. The cat carrier was too small and made it difficult to clean and feed him. With quick thinking on the part of one of sister’s friends, sister was able to obtained a large wire dog cage from another friend whose dogs had passed! This was a very lucky break and made caring for Blacky easier. This large wire dog cage gave Blacky plenty of room to move around. There was room for the kitty litter area and a place to feed him through slots in the bottom of the cage.

Blacky was a pretty good patient! Still he is wild and he let sister know when she got to close or moved to quickly by hissing. There were several times when out would flash his paw! Puffer and sister think it was a warning because if he was really upset his claws would have been out!!! To be safe sister used gloves and wore a long-sleeved shirt to protect herself when working around the cage.

After Blacky’s release back to freedom, there was concern that he might disappear for a while, but both main human and sister are relieved that Blacky came back! In fact, he came back that very same evening to have dinner out on sister’s patio. He was also there the next morning. Just yesterday there was a birthday celebration at sister’s and there was Blacky curious as to all the commotion yet still keeping his distance.

This was a big challenge for sister in many ways! Puffer and main human are both very impressed and grateful.

“Thank you sister for going the extra mile for one of our furry friends!!!”

Happy endings are always the best!!!

A little to the left....


In this photo Blacky is allowing a human to rub his cheek and give him a good brushing as of October 2010.  Truly amazing to see how far he has come.