Sneakers seems to understand that he is to eat the grass but not the plants when he goes outside.  At first Ebony seems to think he should eat everything.  Not good. 

Now I can easily discourage Sneakers because he seems to take it okay but Ebony is skiddish and if I say “No” he runs off or won’t let me close to him.  It makes it difficult to discourage him.  As he started to get a little more comfortable with outside and realized I was not going to discourage him, he started to accept my gentle direction.  

Ebony on the Deck

Ebony was eating plants mostly dried leaves and then a few minutes later – throws up.  Which is a relief because he should not eat anything in my backyard except the grass and I cannot seem to get him to do that.  Anyway, he seems to have stopped eating the dried leaves or other plants.   I have learned to be real gentle with my warning him.  I have started saying “danger, danger Ebony.”  

I became very concerned and found a website that identified the plants that were not safe and it turned out that a great many on the list are in my backyard.  

So one of the biggest challenges for an indoor trained cat going outdoors is to discourage them from eating things they should not. 

Here is the link to an article on dangerous plants for a cat:  


I don’t have any plants in my house anymore so that is one less worry.  I did notice that at Christmas they would try eating my fake flowers and I was having to intervene.  I have found a good source for Wheat Grass and Sneakers likes that.  Do not buy it at a pet store it is really expensive, try your local grocery store.  Top Foods has a nice big plant for $1.99.  

Both cats like catnip and it is a green.