Several months have passed since I opened the screen door and let Sneakers and Ebony outside in our backyard.   For two 10 year old cats who were raised indoors they are learning fast and doing very well!  I am proud of them both!!!


Sneakers has taken to it with enthusiasm and gusto.  He has a few favorite spots one is under the green maple and the other is by the red rhodie.  He is stalking birds and squirrels.  The squirrels scold him.  So far he hasn’t caught anything.   He also likes to sit at the top of the stairs to the way back.  He sniffs the wind!  He reminds me of Puffer when he does that!  My other cats never chased the squirrels.  So I keep an eye on Sneakers because I don’t want him to get hurt. He is particularly interested in the area under the new shed? Hmmm…???

Ebony is not sure about the outside.  He tends to hang around on the deck by the sliding glass door.  He likes to be petted there.  When he sees his brother Sneakers he goes to him.  Several times he has moved real fast. The first time he caught a bug and ate it.  The second he jumped up but missed.  One second he was rubbing me and the next he was Jumping into the air. Whew!


Introducing them to the outside has been slow and careful.  We sit outside with them.  We take turns with them outside so they know that it is okay to be out with either of us main humans.   

I monitor them and check frequently to see that they are okay.  As they gain in confidence I let them out in the backyard by themselves but go and check on them starting every 10 minutes and then increasing the time. 

I have closed up any potential escape routes through the fence.  One observation of these two cats is they do not jump up onto things?  So they have not jumped over the fence which I am certain Ebony could do without any trouble.  They have not climbed up onto anything either.  This is an advantage for me.  My other cats would not have hesitated.

They are not allowed out at night because we have a raccoon that is coming around.  I spotted him at the front door one early morning.  I do not think that Sneakers would know what to do even though he has been asking to go outside in the early morning dark.  I would not be able to see Ebony he is so dark. 

As the days get shorter and colder it is going to be interesting to teach them to go out and come in.  I do not have a pet door anymore with the new backdoor.  We will see!