You are probably panicking because you don’t remember how to put it all together, well I hope you took those digital photos and have printed out a couple of them on a piece of paper so you could rebuild your cat gym.   

1.  I found my photographs of the cat gym before I took it apart and studied them to on how to put the cat gym back together now that I had repaired it.  

2.  Your cat gym may be different so you probably need to decide how you want to put yours back together.  I started with the posts by attaching them to the bottom of the cat gym.  The large flat piece of wood that is the base.   

Is your portable drill fully charged?  

Flat Base

 Need the large 3 inch screws you removed from the base when you took it apart. Or some 2.5 inch ones to act as back up. 

3.  Study your 2×4 recovered post on the bottom and top and determine which was the bottom.  You should see screw holes that match the bottom holes on the large flat base piece and staple holds on the top part.  

4.  Take the large screws and drill it into the flat base piece till is pokes out slight on the other side. Line up the screw holes on the 2×4 post with the screws that are poking out from the base.  You should be able to easily put the screws back in and in the same position.  This might take a little time to do so be patience and hold the 2×4 post tightly to the base because the screws will push it out.  Now you probably will need to tighten the screws later so don’t try to get them completely tight at this time.  

Do the same to the other post if you have two that need to be reinstalled.  

5.  Once the posts are back in and standing up you can then add another piece like the lower cradle.  It had two small posts and I put the screws into the bottom of the large base piece lining the screw holes up by screwing in a little till I could see it coming out the other side then adding the cradle piece with posts and lining them up.  


 6.  As I was assembling the cat gym I planned how I would put it back together as I did each step.  You will need to decide how you can put yours back together.  Refer to your digital photos for help.  

7.  Once the lower cradle piece was installed and the 2 posts were back in my next step was to reattach the cradle/hideaway piece.  I had not taken these two pieces apart because I didn’t need to.  Now I had to reattach the cradle to the tall post and the round hideaway to the shorter post as one piece.  The posts were butting up to the lower cradle along its side.  I used screws not staples to do this so I could remove them again at another time. I screwed from the cradle down into the tall post and was careful to make sure the screw was secure and flat-headed so it would not poke up and hurt my cat.  You should be able to see the screw through the rug.  Since the cats sit in the cradle and lounge they should be okay.   

NOTE:  I tried to drill a hole through the carpet and into the top of the wood 2×4 post and all it did was rip out the carpet fibers.  So my hubbie showed me how to use my drill slowly to put the screw in through the rug through the cradle piece into the 2×4 wood posts without drilling a hole first.  Go slowly so you can screw in the screw without ruining the carpet.  It is a little tricky but you can do it if you go slowly using more torque.  

8.  The next step was to screw the bottom of the round hideaway to the top of the short post.  The round hideaway would not accommodate my big drill so my hubbie went and got his Black and Decker Pivot Plus drill that is smaller, long and orange.  He was able to use it to drill the screws from the bottom of the round hideaway into the top of the post.  I was using screws that were about 1 inch long.  

9.  There is a square window in the round hideaway so I was able to screw from the inside of the round hideaway into the side of the 2×4 post for stability, thus securing the cradle/hideaway piece to the cat gym.  

10.  I tightened the screws on the bottom base piece that went from the base piece into the posts to start the process of tightening things up to make the cat gym as strong as it had originally been and not wobbly or weak.   

11.  Last I needed to attach and secure the sides of the lower cradle to the sides of the two posts for stability.  I used one screw to do that on each of the two posts.  

I was done.  I had my hubbie check my work and he gave it his approval.  I took it into the house and Ebony checked it out.    

All Fixed!!!

I think it took an afternoon to do all of the upholstering and assembling but I took my time.  I took breaks.  I also had to read the instructions on how to use my new power stapler.   

My thoughts are that I could cut some extra 2×4’s and upholster them with rug or sisal and have them ready to switch out the next time I have to repair this.  Eventually the old posts may get damaged and if I want this whole cat gym to last a long time that is a possibility.   

The project was done and I was pleased with my work.   I wish you luck and if you get confused just take your time and observe the construction of the cat gym and take notes and photos and you should be able to do it yourself.  

Good Luck!